Stephen J Gould

I recently came across an intriguing story about Stephen J Gould and his
approach to dealing with his cancer. It seemed to me that he was looking at the
psychological impact of his condition in a similar manner to me, but of course many years before I began to think of these ideas.

Gould has a presence on the web which I can access and
begin to build a picture of his thinking about his cancer. Here are two sources of

A video

Stephen J Gould

and an essay he wrote about, amongst other things, interpreting the survival
rates for people with cancer when the median is used as a key statistic to
describe a data set.

the median is not
the message

Within these two presentations you can sense a person grappling with the
psychological as well as the physical impact of the condition he is confronted

One of the key messages I get here is that I  am on the right track with
regards to my ideas around building, and in this case using, a digital presence.
Otherwise how would a person who produced his material, pre 2002, be able to
influence me today – unless I had accidentally stumbled upon his material in a
book (or similar type of document) somewhere.  In this case it would have been highly unlikely that this would have happened.


About Denys Yeo

I am an educational psychologist. My work is primarily in the area of special education. I live with stage 4 cancer. This blog aims to comment on the psychological impact of living in a stage 4 state.
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