The psychological impact of living with stage 4 Cancer

I will just call it living with stage 4!
I have had cancer at this level for about a year. I had
thought about blogging my experience for a while – but there are heaps of blogs
by people with medical conditions, including cancer – so I did not think my
condition was particularly special. But then I read an inspirational article in
the New York Times, about stage 4 breast cancer (not the type of cancer I have).
This article is saying something that already made sense to me: living with a stage 4 is not the same as living with cancer that will probably be cured. Yet, much comment related to living with cancer focuses on the hope of, or expectation of, a cure. But if you are a stage 4 you cannot live in the hope of a cure – you can only live in hope of good treatment.
So I think it is worth blogging about living with stage 4, and because I am a psychologist I will try and comment on what I see as the psychological impact of this situation. I may comment on other things as well.
If this helps other people who are living at stage 4 think about the psychological impact of this situation on their life, then that is great. But, read the article in the NYT – that will help to put this blog into context.

About Denys Yeo

I am an educational psychologist. My work is primarily in the area of special education. I live with stage 4 cancer. This blog aims to comment on the psychological impact of living in a stage 4 state.
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